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The cold day broke setting the mountain abuzz with life as everyone went about their day’s work. Thorin met with various dwarves to begrudgingly deal with trading contracts, inventory lists and coffer counts. The weight of a crown could seem light to all but who wore it. It didn’t take long for midday to come around, giving him a much needed break from it all. It was in this time away from his duties he chose to keep to his sister’s words and visit the child.

As he walked Thorin mulled over how to approach the situation at hand.  Hoping all it took was his presence to have the matter of her lost state figured out since he wasn’t sure how to handle children. Finding the door he sought Thorin knocked and found it was quickly answered by Óin who ushered him in without a word, knowing why he had come, and then swiftly led him to the child’s room.

There he saw a handsome older woman sitting on the bed humming a soft tune. In one hand she held a comb, the other wrapped around a squirming child and like that she worked on taming the mangled auburn locks while the girl tried to patiently sit through the process.
But upon noticing his presence the woman stalled in her task; unwinding from the girl and rose to greet him. “Balsa daughter of Baldin son of Baldor my lord.” Óin gave introduction and she gave a bowing of her head in respect, a gesture Thorin returned.  In hushed words from the elder the girl gave a small bow which he also returned.

Silence fell but it was swiftly filled with an offer of refreshments, a task it seemed both Óin and Balsa needed to do. Before the elder woman left she pressed the comb into Thorin’s palm with a soft smile then with that he was left alone with the girl. She sat staring at the covers, fiddling with the hem of the blanket she was curled under.

She reminded him of Dis in her youth, begging for more stories and pouting when told to go to sleep. The memory brought a quiet chuckle letting some of his apprehension fade he took a few more steps into the room. It was a small recovery room set aside for those in need filled with sturdy furniture and kept warm by a small hearth.

“You leave me at a disadvantage little one, you know my name but I do not know yours.” Thorin said surprised to have his words met by piercing blue eyes before they quickly returned to the covers. It was a start and pressing forward added “Then you mean to keep me guessing?” The words came out harsher then he meant.

Hastily she shook mangled locks and gripped tighter at the blanket and Thorin let out a quiet sigh. She’d been through enough without him growling at her. It would seem this wouldn’t be as easy as he had hoped. A new approach was needed so with gradual steps he settled in the chair next to the bed, placing the comb on the side table even though her hair was a disgraceful mess he wasn’t sure she’d let him fix it now. “I believe for now little one will do.”

Bright blue eyes flashed up to him and he offered a smile which was shyly returned. Why were kids so complicated? Thorin thought back to when they still resided in Erebor, though bitterly tainted those memories were the ones of his siblings offered some guidance in this. “Do you know the tale of Durin’s awaking little one?”

A shaking of her head no brought up that bubble of anger he’d felt that day on the plains. What child of the stone did not know the beginnings of their people? For songs and lore where part of being a dwarf. Thorin wondered about the child and who would be so cruel to deny her their histories. Well then maybe a story would loosen her tongue; make her ask questions like his siblings did. It was with that thought in mind he began the sung tale of Durin’s awakening.

“The world world was young, the mountains green,
                             No stain yet on the Moon was seen,
                                              No words were laid on stream or stone,
                                                        When Durin woke and walked alone.”

By the time he came to the part about runes of power on the door the girl had fallen asleep. A content ball lost in dreamland. Thorin rose, pulling the blankets tighter around the slumbering form and crept to the door. Not at all shocked to see the pair of adults chatting away outside when he exited, since he’d long ago figured out their politeness was a rouse to leave him alone with her.

Thorin bid them each a nod before taking his leave to return to his duties though he was curtain his mind would not be on them but lost in the puzzle that was the found girl.
A noble heart chap 2
Chapter two of my Hobbit fic!

I took lines from an established Tolkien poem called the Song of Durin's awaking which if you haven't read I suggest you do for it is wonderful.
Anyways I hope you enjoy my drabblings.
The wind blew rather harshly as it ushered in a chill from the north. The warmth of summer was quickly fading and winter was fast approaching as small party of dwarves moved towards home after trading with nearby humans.  Somehow in the drowning howling of it all he had heard the cry and it called to him and without a word he rushed to the source of the sound. A difficult task since the wind cast the sound all around but as if pulled by an invisible force he found the origin.

The cry came from a small child, curled up in a stone crack they’d managed to crawl into. Immediately his head whipped around looking for their parents or at least the remains of them yet nothing but the rocky plains met his gaze. Attention then returned back to the child still sobbing though when they registered his appearance tried to press farther into the unyielding stone.

At their fear he dropped his pack and squatted offering a hand waiting patiently for them to make the first move. As he waited he studied what he could see of the child in the shadows they were dirty, with torn clothes and matted hair. Poor thing had been through a hard time and it didn’t surprise him that they shrunk away. It was the basic instinct to survive. Time ticked by and he heard his party approaching and he worried what their presence would do so he offered a silent prayer to Mahal that the child budged before they arrived.

Slowly the sobs quieted and little by little they crept towards him. As the light cast upon them he could see that this was one of his own, a child of the stone and a quiet anger bubbled in him. A human child was expected as they had some settlements nearby and plausible that the child wandered off and got lost but the nearest dwarven settlement laid in the Blue, at least a day and a half’s journey from here.

But he quickly banished the thoughts that swirled with his anger this was no time to let his mind run away with stories. Finally the child was in full view and he leaned forward offering his hand again with a soft smile. Shyly they took it and allowed him to pull them forward into an embrace, shushing them as they tensed when his party descended.  In a moment or two the child went limp in his grip and panic took over as he pulled them back relieved to see they still drew breath.  His parties voices finally being heard in his ears.

“Thorin….” A voice called drawing from the memory of that day on the plains to his home in the Blue.  He was stiff from sitting so long, blinking he brought the room back into focus to see his sister’s form. Standing and stretching he grunted a reply though she just shook her head rattling her braided raven hair. “Where were you?”

“The plains…..” offering as he picked up his pipe from the mantel and prepped it for a smoke. A sigh fell from her lips as she picked up her sewing basket, settled onto a nearby stool and set to work repairing a torn tunic. “Why there?” asking but not looking up from her task.

“Óin came by today.” And a soft ah rang out as if Dis had just put two and two together. “She’s well I take it, the girl you found?” Thorin lit his pipe and mulled over the healer’s words then nodded affirming her words. “Well enough though he is concerned that she has not uttered a word since awaking. He wonders if my presence might help.”

“It might, you found her and to awake in a strange place with not a known face would be hard.” Dis swiftly added several stiches to the hole in the fabric. “I would heed his words, for both your sakes.” Thorin took a breath from his pipe and blew a line a smoke. “Why both our sakes?”

“You’ve been lost in that day since you came back. Mulling over every possible thing that could lead to her being left yet the truth lies with this child. Get her to tell her tale and both you will rest easier.”

Thorin sat thoughtful for a moment then offered her a nod before taking his leave. Dis’s words where true and deciding he would heed them as he set upon a path to walk off his stiffness. Tomorrow he would pay her a visit and possible put the whole matter to rest.
A noble heart chap 1
My first attempt at a Tolkien fanfic.....

I was feeling inspired and this is what came out.
I hope you enjoy it.
Hey been awhile hasn't it? Sorry about that been busy roleplaying on tumblr.

But this is good news for you guys since it has gotten me back into writing! I have even been posting the stuff here so I am slowly becoming more active woo! So yeah that is about it just wanted to tell you that I am writing more and thus means there might be new stuff on my page.

If you want to see the stuff that doesn't make it here but is sort of writing you can check out my rp tumblr it isn't the best stuff but it is still interesting and there are a few drabbles that I put up there but not here.

Anyways still love you guys and I hope you are well! :heart:


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