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The wind blew rather harshly as it ushered in a chill from the north. The warmth of summer was quickly fading and winter was fast approaching as small party of dwarves moved towards home after trading with nearby humans.  Somehow in the drowning howling of it all he had heard the cry and it called to him and without a word he rushed to the source of the sound. A difficult task since the wind cast the sound all around but as if pulled by an invisible force he found the origin.

The cry came from a small child, curled up in a stone crack they’d managed to crawl into. Immediately his head whipped around looking for their parents or at least the remains of them yet nothing but the rocky plains met his gaze. Attention then returned back to the child still sobbing though when they registered his appearance tried to press farther into the unyielding stone.

At their fear he dropped his pack and squatted offering a hand waiting patiently for them to make the first move. As he waited he studied what he could see of the child in the shadows they were dirty, with torn clothes and matted hair. Poor thing had been through a hard time and it didn’t surprise him that they shrunk away. It was the basic instinct to survive. Time ticked by and he heard his party approaching and he worried what their presence would do so he offered a silent prayer to Mahal that the child budged before they arrived.

Slowly the sobs quieted and little by little they crept towards him. As the light cast upon them he could see that this was one of his own, a child of the stone and a quiet anger bubbled in him. A human child was expected as they had some settlements nearby and plausible that the child wandered off and got lost but the nearest dwarven settlement laid in the Blue, at least a day and a half’s journey from here.

But he quickly banished the thoughts that swirled with his anger this was no time to let his mind run away with stories. Finally the child was in full view and he leaned forward offering his hand again with a soft smile. Shyly they took it and allowed him to pull them forward into an embrace, shushing them as they tensed when his party descended.  In a moment or two the child went limp in his grip and panic took over as he pulled them back relieved to see they still drew breath.  His parties voices finally being heard in his ears.

“Thorin….” A voice called drawing from the memory of that day on the plains to his home in the Blue.
A noble heart chap 1
My first attempt at a Tolkien fanfic.....

I was feeling inspired and this is what came out.
I hope you enjoy it.
Hey been awhile hasn't it? Sorry about that been busy roleplaying on tumblr.

But this is good news for you guys since it has gotten me back into writing! I have even been posting the stuff here so I am slowly becoming more active woo! So yeah that is about it just wanted to tell you that I am writing more and thus means there might be new stuff on my page.

If you want to see the stuff that doesn't make it here but is sort of writing you can check out my rp tumblr it isn't the best stuff but it is still interesting and there are a few drabbles that I put up there but not here.

Anyways still love you guys and I hope you are well! :heart:


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